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This is the story of Helmer III

"The River"
How a 4 PFLOPS computer could look like if it where build with ordinary PC-parts at home.

The worlds fastest computer today is the 1 PFLOPS "Roadrunner" (as we know about anyway :). Helmer III is a design test using normal computer parts, just aloooot of them, to build a computer 4 times as fast. Using 2160 high performance PC game cards. The name the River is just because it'll probably need a river as cooling water :)


Using parts similar to the FASTRA computer: Just 2160 of them, not just 4 :)



3 motherboards set on side and 9 of them on a circle. Heat pipes to a complete side in copper.


One heat pipe to every warm chip. Titled on an upward angle for proper gas-condensation inside heat pipe.

Three very warm sides.

6 levels of 9 motherboards with each 4 graphic cards = 216 graphic cards, and if every cards have 2 TFLOPS, this is 432 TFLOPS. We need 3 if these towers to break the world record....

...but why just 3 when we can use 10 :)

Copper sides face each other. This will be a very hot place. Here cooling water pipe is places.

The cooling water will get warmer higher up, so a small circulation system is needed to distribute the heat evenly.

This will be a completely quiet system. All that you can hear is the water in the pipes.


It'll use about 400 000W, and cost $900 000.
4 PFLOPS easy :)